William T Hornaday Award

The William T. Hornaday Award, Established in 1913, is an effort to inspire members of the Scouts BSA to work constructively for conservation.

Hornaday Projects fall into these 8 categories;

Air and Water Pollution Control | Fish and Wildlife Management

Soil and Water Conservation | Resource Recovery (Recycling)

Forestry and Range Management | Energy Conservation

Hazardous Materials and Waste Disposal | Invasive Species Control

Do you know a Scout or unit that likes to have fun doing Scout service or is thinking about an Eagle project in the outdoors? If so, you can have the Scout or unit work on earning the Hornaday Award!

The RSR Hornaday Committee is responsible for promotion, review and coordination of all Scout-based Hornaday projects and programs within the Council.

If you are interested, or know a Scout who is interested in working on a project such as this, or you are interested in supporting this program, please contact the Hornaday Committee Chairman, Byron “Buck” Olson (312) 209-2995.

For more information about this award, you can find it at the BSA National website.

Hornaday Award Conservation Project Workbook .