What's happening at Rainbow Council?

Scouting is a family event. There are different events for all ages and level of involvement. Want to make Scouting a lifelong commitment? Join us for a SM or ASM training event! Getting started? Join us for a fishing derby! There’s all kinds of things for beginning scouters and life long scouters!

Cub Scout Day Camp

Day camp is a Council organized program for all youth entering 1st grade through 5th grade in the fall. There will also be a Day for Lion scouts. The Day Camp program is designed around key areas: STEM, Water Sports, Shooting Sports, Games, and Crafts. Day Camp activities are intended to promote character development, citizenship training, and physical and mental health. As your Scout participates in these activities, they will have the opportunity to complete tasks they can use towards rank advancement.

Dresden Merit Badge Clinic

Boys and Girls registered as Scouts BSA members are welcomed to participate in this hands-on merit badge clinic. Many merit badge opportunities are available at this clinic including Nuclear Science, Engineering, Fire Safety, Farm Mechanics and more!

Camping at RSR and Free Transportation!

All-inclusive camping weekend includes bus transportation to and from Dresden Station, activity badge, all meals provided, and an opportunity to participate in rifle and shotgun shooting, COPE challenge course, and swimming. Check out the Program Guide for more information.

Shooting Sports Merit Badge Clean Up

Were you not able to finish your Shooting Sports merit badge at Summer camp?  Don’t fret!  You can finish your Shotgun, Rifle or Archery merit badges!  To participate in Shotgun, the cost will be $50.  If you want to work on Rifle, the cost is $20 and Archery is $15.  

This is only for scouts that did not finish the merit badge at Summer camp.  This class will only be for shooting time.  No other requirements will be covered in this class.  The cost of this class i for 1 attempt at completion.  

Classes will be held out on the range ats Rainbow Scout Reservation.

Council Olympics

Let The Games Begin!!!

 2023 Rainbow Council Olympic Games

Coming this August 2023

More Info coming soon…

Pirate Family Camp

Family Camp is a wonderful and unique way to introduce your scout and your family to camping. Experienced or novice campers will find something that fulfills their interest in camping and scouting. With the fantastic resources and property of Rainbow Council RSR (Rainbow Scout Reservation), we have the opportunity to explore new trails, see and appreciate the outdoors the way it was meant to be, and to learn a little bit about ourselves in the process. Come see what you’re made of and experience our annual family camp adventure.

In addition to opportunities to complete some required achievements and electives, we will also have activities ranging from fishing, shooting sports, hiking, games, campfires, and of course GaGa Ball, we will top off the weekend with games before our closing campfire. Join us on our Pirate Adventure Family Camp is one of the most popular events of the year and is open to all scouting families across all councils. Invite friends and family from other councils as well.

BSA Leave No Trace Trainer

This course is open to all registered Scouts and Scouters. Must be 14 years or older. Registered participant’s families are also

welcome to camp, enjoy the facilities and surrounding area, and join in our meals. Youth under 18 camping but not

participating in the course require a supervising adult who is also not attending the course.

Upon successful completion of the Leave No Trace Trainer Course, each participant will become a qualified Leave No Trace


Annual Sporting Clays Event

The Rainbow Council, Boy Scout Sporting Clays Classic is open to individual shooters, as well as teams of shooters. All individual shooters will be placed on teams the day of the shoot. Teams will shoot 100 rounds of sporting clays on 14 stations.

Teams will be limited to a max of 4 shooters per team. Multiple teams are encouraged. If you don’t have the names of your shooters at the time of registration, simply write in “Open Shooter” and update your registration before the event!

IOLS: Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills Fall

The Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills (IOLS) course builds and expands on the concepts and themes introduced in Scoutmaster Position-Specific Training and Varsity Coach Position-Specific Training, and provides Scouters with the confidence to take youth into the outdoors.

Ten Commandments Hike

A Scout is Reverent

The 10 Commandments Hike is an approximate 4-mile Interfaith walk through Lockport.  We will start at the Council office.  Hikers will visit 10 different Houses of Worship and hear presentations by 10 different members from different Faith Traditions.  Each Faith leader will discuss the basic beliefs of their Religious Tradition and briefly speak on one of the 10 Commandments.  

This event is open to Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, Scout Leaders, parents, siblings and friends.

As you learn about the Ten Commandments through the represented faiths, you can satisfy rank-based requirements or begin the journey toward earning your religious emblem for Cub Scouts and Scouts BSA.

Introduction to Leader Specifics for SM/ASM Fall

This course introduces the adult leadership to the day to day operations of how a troop functions. Explanations of adult leadership positions, youth leadership positions along with clarification on policies procedures and proper uniform guidelines are just a few of the topics discussed.   If you are planning to join a troop in the near future, have just joined a troop or feel you need a refresher, this is the training for you! 

BALOO: Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation Pt. 2 Fall

Come spend some time at camp filled with Fellowship and an opportunity to sharpen your scouting skills. This class covers all the information needed to plan and execute a pack overnight. Learn about basic skills, proper planning, scheduling, program suggestions, camp cooking with different types of equipment, and lots more! Speak with fellow scouters and get ideas for future outings, ask questions, and share your experiences with others. Don’t forget…. every pack needs a BALOO trained leader. One is good but TWO is even better!

Distinguished Citizens Award Dinner

The Distinguished Citizen Award Dinner (DCAD) is an annual event hosted by the Rainbow Council, Boy Scouts of America which honors an individual who has provided significant and enduring contributions to the community and who embodies the principles and values of the Scouting program and thereby serves as an exemplary role model for our young people. The 2023 Committee presents this award to President and CEO of Silver Cross Hospital, Ruth Colby on October 18th.