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Internet Rechartering

It is important to get your unit's recharter done on time.  Remember, all main unit leaders must be 100% trained in their position.  80% of all other leaders must be 100% trained for their registered position.  The renewal process will be completed through the web-based software application - Internet Rechartering.  This is designed to make the unit charter renewal process more efficient and accurate. During this process you can indicate returning members, add new members, delete non-returning members, and update information for an individual or the chartered organization.  Before getting started, please take a few minutes to review the "Most Common Errors" so that the rechartering process will go smoothly.


Preparing for rechartering:

Sixty days before your unit's expiration date, select a renewal processor.
The renewal processor attends the October roundtable meetings to receive training and the unit access code.
Sixty to 45 days before the unit's expiration date, the renewal processor clicks Recharter Now and begins the process.

Paperwork is due to council by December 3rd, 2016


Steps for Processing Internet Recharter:

The unit eligible for Internet Rechartering designates an adult member as the RP (Renewal Processor).  The unit (RP), the person who is renewing the unit's charter, follows the process on the secure Internet site to create a charter renewal file. The RP uses the Internet Rechartering Website to enter necessary data necessary to create the file in a series of intuitive steps:

  1. The RP gathers all the information needed for a traditional charter renewal (new applications, fees, etc).
  2. With the charter renewal information at hand, the RP navigates to Internet Rechartering.
  3. The RP registers/logs in to Internet Rechartering (codes listed on the original white recharter envelope will be needed) and follows the on-line process:
    1. Load Council Information—Use the council's unit information. - OR- Upload Recharter File—Upload the file created in third-party, unit-management software (UMS) to create the initial work-in-progress roster.
    2. Update the Roster—Update charter information, select which current members to renew on next year's roster, promote members, add adult members, add youth members, update member data, and update member positions.
    3. Check the Roster—Validate that the data to be submitted conforms to BSA rules.
    4. Update Member Fees – update fees (e.g., assign “Multiple” status) and sign up unit members for Boys' Life.
  4. After double-checking the information, the RP submits the file to the council and prints the Unit Charter Renewal Report.
  5. The Unit Leader and the Institutional Head-Executive Officer (as are printed on the completed recharter documents) sign the Unit Charter Renewal Report.
  6. Submit the application along with material received in the recharter packet and all appropriate fees to The Rainbow Council Service George S. McGee Service Center for processing.