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RSR Summer Camps

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As we wrap up a great 2016 summer camp season, RSR is busy making preparations to celebrate our 50th summer of camp!

You can begin to show your excitement and pride for our 50th season right now!

See our special 50th Anniversary Page dedicated to this celebration


Boy Scout Summer Resident Camp 2017 


Fees and Payment Schedule



Submit your request for a 2017 RSR Camp informational visit. This is your time to explore the options both new and traditional that RSR has planned for 2017. Help your unit plan their experience submit  a visit request today. Not camping with your unit this year but still want to attend camp? Sign up to get information about our provisional camping experiences!

Schedule a camp informational visit to your unit!


2017 Session Dates

Week 1: June 18th-24th

Week 2: June 25th - July 1st

Week 3: July 2nd-8th

Week 4: July 9th-15th


2017 Leader's Meeting: Saturday, May 27th, 2017


Leaders Guide


There are 2 easy components to the payment plan for RSR: 

  1. Initial site deposit ($150), per unit is required to make your reservation and hold campsite.
  2. Full payment for each adult and youth camper by the due date

Initial registration and site deposit

Units can secure a 2017 campsite reservation with a $150 deposit forwarded to the Rainbow Council George S. McGee Service Center.  Call Dee at 815-942-4450.  This deposit reserves your choice of site and session.  The $150 deposit can be applied to your unit's account, returned at the end of summer, or applied to your unit's 2018 reservation.  


All Sites are reserved on a first paid basis.  Please note: units that reserve a site and do not fill it to capacity are subject to sharing the site with another unit. 


Cub Scout Resident Camp 2017 




2017 Dates

Session 1: Friday ,July 21st-Monday, July 24th

Session 2: Friday, July 28th-Monday, July 31st

Session 3: Thursday, August 3rd-Sunday, August 6th


Fees schedules and registration info coming soon!


2017 Day Camp

Pack Coordinators: Day camp coordinators are responsible for preparing the pack for attendance. The day camp coordinator job includes:

  • Act as the point of contact between scouts/parents/volunteers and camp directors.
  • Ensure the pack has the required number of parent volunteers with completed Youth Protection Training. This can be done at www.my.scouting.org.
  • Collect & organize the required paperwork and appropriate fees.  Paperwork:  Day Camp Registration Form, Medical Form (A&B), and insurance card for EACH person attending.  Youth Protection Certificates must be included for volunteers.  The excel spreadsheet below will be useful to organize all documentation and is required to be completed and emailed in full to Dan: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Please print out the pages on the "Print Out' tab to accompany your paperwork.  
  • Deliver all paperwork and payment to the service center on time.  All paperwork must be turned in with payment.

All day camp guides and forms, including those for volunteers, are available below.  Registration will NOT be available online. Please bring (or mail) all paperwork, including the spreadsheet summary to the Rainbow Council George S. McGee Service Center. Call 815-942-4450 with questions about completing paperwork, registration, or payment. * After the completion of camp, forms can be picked-up on the last day of camp, during check-out.

*Please note: any transaction completed for day camp with a debit or charge card will be subject to a 3% service fee


Day Camp Guides:


Day Camp Registration Forms:


The Medical Form can be found HERE.  Parts A & B are required for EVERY who plans to attend Day Camp. 

Camp FAQs

Rainbow Scout Reservation Camping FAQ’s


Q: Can we bring firewood to camp for our campout?

A: No!  State regulations prohibit transporting firewood.  You will often find a "courtesy pile" left by previous campers in your site, and should leave a courtesy pile as part of leaving your weekend home ready for the next campers.  Downed wood may be scavenged.



Q: Can we have a campfire?

A: Sure!  Campfires are marked with a half circle of benches.  These are the only locations fires are allowed. Keep your fires small, and and let them burn down to ash.



Q: What campsite will we be in?

A: Weekend campsites are assigned a few days before the weekend. Weather, size and number of groups, facilities rented, work projects going on in camp, hazards, and maintenance are all factors in site selection.



Q: When can we arrive? 

A: Weekend camping check in is after 6:00pm Friday. Our campmasters are not available  until that time.  Ranger staff are making preparations for camping most of the day Friday and not available to check in  early arrivals.



Q: What is "check in"? 

A:  When you arrive,  go to the yellow cabin and let the campmasters know your group is here!

  • Bring a roster of campers, tour permit, and settle any fees left at this time.
  • At check in, the campmasters will ask what time you would like them to come inspect your site for checkout. While your unit leaders are checking in, campers  should begin unloading vehicles  of gear at the parking lot.
  • Conditions may permit one vehicle with trailer of group of equipment to go to your site.  You may bring wagons if needed.
  • The campmaster will take you to your site and show you around.
  • Late additions to your group should arrange to meet you at the parking lot at a certain time.


Q:  What can we do at camp?

A: Cook in the outdoors. Take a hike. Meet requirements for advancements. Look for wildlife. Make new friends. Play disc golf. Study the evening sky.  Share a candy bar.  Smell smouldering cherry woodsmoke. Build a fire without matches. Learn if trees fall and make a sound.  Catch a fish. Try boiling coffee.  Cook an egg in an orange peel.  Try out your echo voice down the lake. Listen for whippoorwills and owls at night.  Balance on a log. Discover.



Q: What is a Campmaster?

A: Campmasters are scouters with ample camping and program experience, and familiar with Rainbow Scout Reservation.  As your host for the weekend, they assist with check in and check out, and any assistance you may need to support your weekend program. They tour the camp throughout the weekend, and can help answer questions, find solutions, and offer support.  When you first arrive at camp, check in with the campmaster at the yellow building near the parking lot.



Q: What is in the area nearby?

A: Illinois and Michigan Canal, with hiking and interpretive exhibits. The Goose Lake Prairie State Park. Scouting Museum in Ottawa. W.D. Boyce Memorial. Dresden Lock and Dam. Gebhard Woods State Park. Midewin. Chief Shabbona's grave. Starved Rock. Morris Hospital and Emergency Room.  A large Walmart at Route 47 and I-80 in Morris, as well as "fast food".



Q: I have a CPAP, can I get a site with electricity?

A: We have no electric at campsites. You may pitch a tent in the Camp Staff area and use electric there if you wish, but that site is not available for unit camping.



Q: Can we fish at camp?

A: Sure! Bluegill, bass, crappie, northern, catfish may be caught. You are welcome to fish anywhere except our waterfront and swimming areas.