Healthy Scout Virtual 5k

Rainbow Council and the Red Cross Present our very first Virtual 5k 

When: April 24th – May 30th

Time: Anytime!

Where: Anywhere!

Cost: It’s free, however if you send in the recommended $5 donation- we will include a patch! The donation will be used to assist the American Red Cross
Donations of all kinds will be accepted.

How does a virtual race work?
A virtual race can be a walk or run from any location as long as you are following social distancing guidelines (wearing a mask and staying 6 ft apart). After you walk or run your 5k, you can use this form here to submit your times and see your spot on the leaderboard! 

Who can participate?
Scouts, Leaders, Friends, Family—ANYONE! Everyone is encouraged to participate. Once you register, you can download & print the Rainbow Council Virtual 5k Race Bib. Take a picture with your race bib and post it to social media. be sure to tag Rainbow Council, Boy Scouts of America!

Patches will be mailed directly to you at a later date to the address you provide.

Virtual 5K Leaderboard
Name Who am I running for? What does Scouting mean to me/us? Time
Gary E “I was walk/running for the overall good deeds that the Red Cross and Scouting does to better the world around us.” “Scouting is a community that watches out for each other as well as those around us. We all need to stay together even if we are distant.” 00:55:31
Boyd Girls Running for ourselves. Just to be together as a family.” 01:02:33
Raelynn E “I am participating for the overall good of the Red Cross. I am participating because I believe in the mission of the BSA and the good that the Red Cross does.” “Scouting is a community and I believe in that” 00:55:50
William P To Support Police during the pandemic” A chance to do fun activities. “ 01:55:00
Justin P To support Nurses and Doctors during the pandemic.” A chance to give back to my community.” 01:55:00
Caleb D “Cub Scout Pack 101” “Duty to god, country, and others” 02:00:00
Nolan D “Cub Scout Pack 101” “Duty to god, country, and others” 02:00:00
Ryan K “To stay healthy” 00:40:00
Dylan K “To stay healthy” 00:40:00
Jim Z “For all those helping during this time” “Scouting saved me from the selfish person I once was.” 00:29:48
Carson and Gwen O “Troop and Pack b83” “Learning new things with friends”
Colin “To help donate for Red Cross”  00:56:00
Matthew P “To help the council and stay healthy” “To help the council and stay healthy” 00:18:00
Jacob F “Troop 444, Channahon, IL to benefit the Red Cross” “Being a Scout means to learn about survival, safety, and to be prepared in life for anything.” 00:58:33
Brendan R “To go exercise”  00:75:00
Ryan R “For exercise and fresh air” 00:75:00
Brody B “To get outside and moving” “Fun” 01:09:00
Haley B “Fun and friends” “Fun” 01:09:00
Jackson B “Because I want to” “Friends” 01:09:00
Trevor “Red Cross” “Being helpful” 00:51:02
Kirk S “Doctors” “Helpful and Brave” 01:03:00
Kendall S Police because they help others” “Being helpful and brave.” 01:03:00
Kirk S My children and family” “Enjoying nature and teaching children respect and values.” 01:03:00
Greg B “I am an Eagle Scout running to support Scouting with my son (Eagle Scout) who loves running” “Scouting is a fantastic way to build and broaden a young persons experiences and help them grow into a great person” 00:24:00
Oliver B “stay active and compete” “helping the community around you to make it better” 00:17:45
Rylan C “I ran to spend time with my Mom who also runs. “ “It teaches me how to prepare for the future and gives me confidence.” 00:49:26
Dominik B “For everyone battling COVID-19” “Learning new things and having fun” 00:53:17
Nicholas B “For everyone battling COVID-19” “Learning new things and having fun” 00:53:17
Tyson E “For myself, to be healthy and get in shape for swimming” 00:34:43