2019 Rainbow Council, BSA Sporting Clays Classic

When: October 26th, 2019 @ 9 AM
4700 Old Stage Rd, Morris, Illinois


The Boy Scout Sporting Clays Classic is open to individual shooters, as well as teams of shooters. All individual shooters will be placed in teams of 4 the day of the shoot. Teams will shoot 100 rounds of sporting clays on 14 stations.

Teams will be limited to a max of four shooters per team, but multiple teams are encouraged!

On-site registration begins at 9:30 am • Lunch Served at 11:00 am • Stations Open at 10:30 am

Personal golf carts and ATV’s are permitted and encouraged. There is VERY limited rentals available on-site.
All shooters will receive a hat, gift bag, lunch prior to event opening, and a tailgate style meal
after the event. The event will include games and a raffle.


If you are going to register your team, please include the following information and send to [email protected] or Register Online!

More information will be provided closer to the event!
If you need to purchase rifle raffle tickets, contact the service center @ 815-942-4450


A very special thank you to our 2019 Shooting Clays committee for putting together this event. 

Dave Konopko • Rob Richardson  Mike Harrington • Tony Lake • Jim Petrakos • Brian Jackiw

For more information, sponsorship, or questions, please contact


Kris Fry

Development Director

📞 (219) 213-4034
📧 kris.fry[email protected]

Sponsorship Level Information

    • TITLE SPONSOR – $5,000: Includes 20 tournament
      shooters (five teams of four), banner at entrance and main tent,
      sponsor signage, five raffle tickets for drawing, full page ad,
      special recognition, and identification as the overall sponsor.
    • SPORTING CLAYS SPONSOR – $3,500: Includes 12
      tournament shooters (three teams of four), sponsor signage, four
      raffle tickets for drawing, full page ad and special recognition.
    • PLATINUM SPONSOR – $2,500: Includes 8 tournament
      shooters (two teams of four), sponsor signage in dinner tent,
      three raffle tickets for drawing, full page ad and special recognition.
    • GOLD SPONSOR – $1,000: Includes 4 tournament
      shooters (one team of four), station signage, two raffle tickets
      for drawing, 1/2 page ad and special recognition.
    • REFRESHMENT SPONSOR – $250: Includes sponsor signage
      near refreshment and/or beverage stations and 1/2 page ad.
    • STATION SPONSOR – $100: Includes station
      signage and special recognition.
    • INDIVIDUAL SHOOTER – $150: Includes one tournament shooter.
    • TEAM OF FOUR – *$500: Includes four tournament shooters.

* Must register on or before 10/10/19 with full team and payment for team discount.

Want to register sooner? Register Online! 

make checks payable to Boy Scouts Of America and mail to 

Rainbow Council
Shooting Clays
C/O Kris Fry
921 S State St
Lockport, IL 60441.

Please include Payment Method

Contact Person: ________________________________________________________________

Billing Name & Address: _______________________________________________________

City: _______________________________________ State: ________ Zip: __________________


Include if Visa / Mastercard

Card #: ______________________ Expiration Date: _____/_____/_____ CVV: _________

Signature: ______________________________________________________________________

Sponsor form is due by October 10, 2019.

Shooting Rules

  1. All guns remain unloaded at all times, until in the shooting cage and pointed downrange.  Load only when the station is clear and safe.
  2. Treat all guns as though they are loaded, never pointing at anything you do not wish to destroy.
  3. Actions open or the breech cracked to show the gun is unloaded until you are ready to use it.
  4. Never load more than two shells at a time for Sporting Clays Tournament or other shotgun games.
  5. Be aware of what’s beyond the target. If there’s any doubt, don’t shoot.
  6. After shooting all your targets make sure your action is open BEFORE you turn around to step out of the cage.
  7. Shot sizes larger than 7½, 8 or 9 are not allowed. No dram equivalent of more than three drams, or more than 1½ ounce of shot will be allowed.
  8. Use the proper gauge ammunition in your gun. Don’t improvise or carry shells of different gauges together.
  9. Absolutely no consumption of alcohol will be allowed on the course, including spectators.
  10. Eye and ear protection are mandatory for everyone on the course, including spectators.
  11. No unsupervised children on the range.
  12. No unleashed dogs on the range.
  13. Never load or touch the trap machines for any reason.
  14. Personal carts, gators, rhinos, mules, and other modes of transportation such as those listed are welcome. Four wheelers and motorcycles are not allowed on, or around the course.
  15. Stay on the pathways both in vehicles and walking.
  16. Any activity deemed unsafe will not be tolerated.


Tournament organizers will use the Lewis class scoring system for scoring the event.

Trophies will be awarded for 1st and 2nd place for the following classes: A, B and C.

Team and individual team member awards will be given for 1st and 2nd place in each of these classes.