Camp Cards are one of the easiest way to raise funds for camp and Scouts!

Details: Camp Cards sell for $10 each. Each scout/unit earns 50% commission, or $5.00 per card sold.

Units can order Camp Cards at the Council Service Center.  There are a limited number of cards available-first come; first serve. So don’t miss out!

Be sure to get your Unit Commitment Form completed and turned in. This is the first step in ensuring that your unit will receive camp cards.

Scouts are encouraged to sell Camp Cards MORE than one at a time. Ask the customer if they would like to buy one for a friend or relative.

The Card:  In addition to the local business listed below, the card can be used all over the country by simply downloading the app on your smart phone.  The App gives the customer access to 1,000’s of two for one deals and up to 50% offers in over 10,000 cities throughout North America on food, goods and travel.  

 Proposed local Vendors:  Beef ‘O’ Brady’s, Chicken-N-Spice, Chuck E. Cheese, Denny’s, Hobby Lobby, Jiffy Lube, Papa John’s Pizza, Public Landing Restaurant, Tom Kelly’s Chophouse and Pub, White Castle

Key Dates for the Sale

  • February 21st, 2020: Commitments/Order Forms due to Council
  • March 1st, 2020: Cards will be available for pick up at the service Center.
  • March 1st—August 1st, 2020: Camp Card Sale Period
  • August 3rd:  Money due to Service Center


Can I add to more cards to my order?
Yes! Just contact Council to request more cards to sell. We will update your inventory sheet, with your signature and a council representative, and update any paperwork as needed.

Can I transfer cards during the sale?
Yes, you just need to contact your District Camp Card Chair and District Executive to make sure the transfer is done correctly so the correct parties will be made responsible for the cards.

Can I prepay for the cards to avoid a second trip to the Service Center?
Yes, and request a second copy of your receipt! We now offer an easy way to prepay for camp cards for your unit. Simply visit Camp Cards ONLINE and place an order. We will have the cards available curbside, or sent via mail, depending on your order.

What is due on August 3rd?
50% of the cost of the cards is due at the end of the sale to Council. If you are returning cards, there is also a dollar restocking fee for any returned cards. You can still sell cards after the money due date, so you don’t have to pay the restocking fee!

I don’t want to return the cards and pay the restocking fee. Can I still sell the cards after the sale?
Many of the offers included in the card don’t expire till December 2020 so you can still sell the cards and schedule show and sells after the Council Collection date. Once you pay for your inventory, they are yours to use as needed! In the case that there is a return, if 75% of your original order is sold, the restocking fee will be waived. If no such case is met, there is a restocking fee for any cards returned. 

What if I can’t sell my cards?
You will still need to pay on or before the 1st for any commitments you make. Scouts are thrifty. We do have guidelines known as the 3 methods of selling camp cards. Make sure to give those a try before exhausting any other resource. If you or your Scout or Units are still having trouble fundraising, please let us know.