Wildernes First Aid

Wilderness First Aid is a sixteen hour course that combines classroom instruction, skills practice and role-playing scenarios to teach the response steps and treatment of injuries and illnesses in a delayed-help situation. Payment of the course fee is not a guarantee of certification. Course certification and successful completion of the course requires that the participant attend all sessions, participate in all skill sessions and activities, demonstrate competency in all observable skills, and complete the scenario. Class size : Minimum of 10

Course Pre-requisites: Minimum age 14**, CPR/AED certified

**Course content is above basic first aid skills, being comfortable and familiar with the BSA First Aid requirements and the First Aid Merit Badge book is a must.  Due to this we highly recommend a minimum age of 16, and having a current CPR/AED certification.  If you are not current with these, we offer CPR/AED on Friday evenings at no additional charge.

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April 26-28
September 27-29


For information regarding training please contact

Debbie Richardson