July 9 - Family Guides mailed to each registered scout

July 17 - Council Wide Kernal / Leader Training Dinner

August 1 - Sale Begins!

August 4 - Council Kick-Off SKY ZONE

August 6 - Show and Sell Order due to Trails End Popcorn System by 9:00 PM

August 10 - Council wide Show and Sell order submitted/finalized with Trails End

August 17 - Show and Sell pick-up Union #150

October 23 - ALL  UNIT Popcorn Orders incentives due to website by 9:00am

All Unit Popcorn and Prize orders placed ONLINE by 10:00 pm. No late orders will be allowed due to the extended sale date.

Email return quantities to Kris Przewoznik by 10:00 PM

November 2 - Popcorn Pick-up & Show and Sell Return

November 9 - All popcorn add-ons or errors emailed to the popcorn page

Adjustments will not be made after this date!!

January - $1,000 Club for Scouts

$1000 Club for movie experience themed t-shirts

Rainbow Council George S. McGee Service Center | 921 South State Street | Lockport, IL 60441

Questions or concerns please contact Kris Przewoznik