Camp/Discount Cards 

Our annual unit-level spring fundraising sale was another success!

Take a look at the 2018 card!

The annual spring Camp/Discount Card sale allows Scout units to raise funds to pay for their summer Scouting program. "Camp Cards" are discount cards sold for $10 each to the general public.  Unit commission is 50% on each card ($5.00).  Funds earned from this fundraiser may be used for any Scouting or Exploring purpose -- to purchase equipment such as tents and backpacks, summer camp and activity fees, high adventure trip, uniform, handbooks, membership fees, etc.  Camp/Discount Cards are meant to complement, not take the place of, popcorn sales in the fall.

How Does My Unit Get Started? 

1. Choose one adult to serve as the Camp/Discount Card Coordinator.

2. Through your unit committee, decide HOW your unit will sell Camp/Discount Cards.

3. Order your Camp/Discount Cards.

4. Track your Scout's/Explorer's cards.

5. Return unsold cards and payment to any council service center by May 11, 2018.

2018 Camp/Discount Card Timeline

March 11 - April 23

April 30

April 30 - May 4
Units collect all unsold cards and money from Scouts and parents

May 11
Full payment and unsold card returns due to council service centers 

Deadline to pay and return unsold cards -
May 1, 2018

-Cards may be returned in any increments and must be in excellent condition by 5/1/2018.
-Camp Cards will not be accepted for "returns" after May 1st and become the financial responsibility of the unit.

-Payment due to the council is $5.00 per sold card by 5/11/2018.  (Unit keeps the other $5.00 from customer purchases.)
-Failure to pay by this deadline costs your unit an additional 25% commission on each card (i.e. instead of paying $5.00/card, you would pay $6.50/card).