District Websites

The council is divided into 2 service areas, called districts, where the Scouting program is delivered to the local communities. 

Ishkote Council Website


Ishkote District serves the Southern half of Rainbow council. All the scouting units (pack, troops, crews) south of Interstate 80 belong to the Ishkote District. Ishkote is Ojibwa (Algonquin) for "Fire".

Ishkote Council Contacts

District Executive
Jennifer Sewell
- Jennifer.Sewell@scouting.org

District Commissioner
Rich McCully
 - rvmccully@yahoo.com

District Chair
Cecilia Mistretta
 - kadesmom@hotmail.com

Waapi Lenaswa Council Website


Waapi Lenaswa serves the northern part of Rainbow Council, north of Interstate 80. Waapi means White and Lenaswa means Buffalo – the words are from the Miami Indians!

Waapi Lenaswa Contacts

District Executive
Daniel Stromberg
 - daniel.stromberg@scouting.org

District Commissioner
Esmeralda Bonk
 - efbonk@gmail.com

District Chair 
Rob Koziorowski
 - koziorowski@comcast.net